Welcome to Eklektik Kenetic. We are inspired by James Baldwin who said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”  Eklektik Kenetic  is devoted to change, one metaphor, stanza & chapter at a time.


Eklektik Kenetic is a quarterly series of readings and literary variety shows at Art Share Los Angeles in the Arts District hosted by Ken the Metaphorical aka Kenneth D. Capers.

Readings are a showcase of poets, novelists, musicians, and storytellers.  Eklektik Kenetic is devoted to giving the stage to fearless artists whose work is urgent, topical and transformational.  On June 2nd, we launched with The Definition of Woke & Other Words that Matter. 

Two upcoming shows in the Definition of Woke Series are Redemption Project and Dope Writing.

Eklektik Kenetic is in partnership with Tongue and Groove LA, the long-established literary variety shows at Hotel Café in Hollywood produced and hosted by Conrad Romo, Ken’s literary Impresario Mentor and Guru.

Events & Happenings

The Definition of Woke & Other Words That Matter – June 2, 2018 @ 8 pm

The Definition of Woke and Other Words that Matter is a literary and musical investigation, poetic, profane and profound, of the term “woke,” which has substance but has also been co-opted, trivialized, and misunderstood.  Being woke is many things. It begins with seeing one’s self and demanding others do too. Tonight’s performers set the record …


If you are interested in performing and about the movement of issues that make for a better world, please feel free to contact us. info@eklektikkenetic.com